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What is MereExams?

MereExams is an online educational portal for higher education in India enabling the students to get the right information on time thus saving their time and energy to let them concentrate on just studying. We have a tailor made profile for each student which works as an organizer, a calendar and much more to give the students an atmosphere to perform well in their exams and get an admission in a desired course or college. At Mere Exams we consider your exams as our own and thus you can burden us with all the chaos and tensions of the admission process. We will be right behind you once you sign up on our website to encourage, motivate, help, remind and sometimes even nag you to study thus working on our aim to fulfill your dream by our team.

Why should I sign up on MereExams?

You should sign up on our page because- We give you your desired college, course and exam information from over a data set of 40,000+ colleges, 300+ exams including courses like library science and defense studies. We are the first online education portal that provides personalized assistance right from the moment you sign up on our page to the time when you get admission in your course/exam/college of your choice. We keep encouraging you to study by giving reminders time and again right before your exam. As the name suggests, we consider your exams as our exams leaving upon you to just study and leave the rest of the tensions on our shoulders. We work on the motto of Your dream, our team and in this world of inflation we provide all this service for FREE!!

What is the aim behind MereExams?

MereExams is made by four visionary entrepreneurs who believe that every student should be given equal opportunities to be what they want to be in their lives. With these thoughts in mind the website was formed which is a tribute to every student who aspires to be something in their lives. It is truly a for the students, of the students and by the students organization be it our insightful co founders or our young and talented team; we try and will always try to put in our best efforts to make the site as user friendly as possible addressing the basic problems with our education system that every student can relate to. Nemo enim ipsam voluptatem quia voluptas sit

How are we different from our Compititors?

All our other competitors help on providing data to the students that is information- centric while we at Mere Exams work to provide students with a student centric profile where he/she does not have to look through the entire data set to come to the desired conclusion. The best feature of our site i.e. Meri Profile is a customized way to organize all required information for the students so that they have personal assistance be it in terms of information, syllabus, right material, important dates or just a reminder for upcoming important events which gives us an edge over other competitors. We are also working on providing our users with the best coaching in and around their area for the desired course or exam

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How do I know the data on the site is correct

MereExams is an educational portal designed to provide personalized assistance to every student across India. We are the only organization that has largest data set possible in India and our ties with HRD ministry ensures the user to get the most comprehensive and true data with actual facts and not just random assumptions


How does Meri Profile works

Meri profie is a tailor made profile that serves as an organizer for every individual student. Any user can use this feature of the site as soon as they sign up on our website. It helps you add desired colleges, exams or courses to the profile that enables us to provide you with the right material, remind you about the upcoming important dates and thus help you in not missing out on anything important

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How do I Contact You?

Because MereExams is an organization that is of, by and for the students we truly believe in engagement of our users and keeping them posted always. Thus you could easily contact us on our Face book page, Instagram page or Twitter. Also our contact numbers are - and -. For any other information you can mail your query on info@mereexams.com

What is Mere Careers?

Mere careers is another initiative by our team to ensure opportunities given to every student not just in terms of education but in terms of employment as well. We all are familiar with the agenda of minimum 5 years of experience of most MNCs but we dont believe in that. Mere careers is the platform that lets you explore your skills set, gives you an opportunity to work in an environment with the experts from various fields, nurtures your talents and hobbies and most importantly does not work in the stereotypical corporate settings that leave you to be focused only on money making. Mere exams being a startup themselves understand your passionate self, trusting you with your decisions and work and asking for your opinions time and again; once again justifying the name Mere Careers, making you an important part of the organization.

How do I apply for working for You?

You can keep an eye on our Face book page for any updates on internship or job opportunities. Also, you can mail us your CV at careers@mereexams.com

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