Fine Arts

Why You Should join?

Fine Arts is the study of drawing , sculpting, painting, literature, music, dance, architecture and theatre. In recent times, with the growth of consumerism these traditional forms of arts have been converted into commercially profitable sectors. Therefore, the employment opportunities in Fine Arts are increasing day by day. A lot of young people are entering into this field in search of high remuneration, prestige and popularity. Fine Arts graduates can avail a career options in various fields such as art studios, advertising companies, publishing houses, product design, manufacturing department, magazines, television, graphic arts, teaching, files & theater productions and many more which is belong arts department

Who Should join?

There are several courses in Fine Arts including Bachelors/Masters Degree in Fine Art.

  • For BFA courses, one must have passed the Higher Secondary Examinations or 10+ 2 level. It is usually a four to five year courses.
  • MFA course is open to BFA graduates. This is a two year course.
  • Other than these courses there are diploma and certificate courses in various streams of fine arts.

To pursue a career in fine arts, besides academic qualification, one should have a creative bent of mind and an eye for detail.