Social Work

Why You Should join?

Social work is a Profession that facilitates welfare of communities, individuals, families, and groups. Social work professionals are known as social workers and assist those in need. There are different types of social workers such as -child and family social workers, Clinical social workers, School social workers, Healthcare social workers, Mental health and many more. A social worker may work in the field of poverty relief, social skills, community development, rural development, urbanization adjustment, forensics, legislation, industrial relations, social inclusion, child protection, elder protection, women's rights, human rights,social rejection management, addictions rehabilitation, moral development, disaster management, mental health, behaviour therapy and disabilities.                                                                                                                                                                     Social work programs are offered at the undergraduate and graduate level, including bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees. Each program provides students with skills in social advocacy.
The course work of an undergraduate social work program covers human behavior, research methods, psychology and social work policy and practice.

Since master's programs are focused on clinical work, students in such programs take additional courses in clinical practice, behavioral treatment, drug and alcohol abuse intervention and adult psychopathology.

Those who wish to go for research in this field can opt for PhD.

Students who like to go for teaching are required to have an M.Phil in the related subject.        

Career options related to social workers are: School and Career Counselors, Rehabilitation Counselors, Social and Human Service Assistants, Psychologists, Mental Health Counselors and Marriage and Family Therapists, Health Educators and Community Health Workers, Social and Community Service Managers.

Who Should join?

Social workers are people who care about people, who want to relieve suffering, who are ready to work in a Dynamic environment  who want to make the world a better place!, who enjoys  volunteer work and is interested in extending his/her passion into a career in non-profit management, program development, or direct social services.

A person with skills such as Communication skills, Empathy,  Interpersonal skills, Organizational skills, Problem-solving skills, Time-management skills, leadership skills and the likes may opt for a career in Social Work.       

Discipline Groups

  • Social Work

Programs in Social Work

  • B.S.W.-Bachelor of Social Work
  • Certificate-Certificate
  • Diploma-Diploma
  • Integrated Ph.D-Integrated Doctor of Philosophy
  • M.Phil.-Master of Philosophy
  • M.S.W.-Master of Social Work
  • PG Diploma-Post Graduate Diploma
  • Ph.D.-Doctor of Philosophy
  • Samaj Karya Parangat-Samaj Karya Parangat
  • Samaj Vidya Visharad-Samaj Vidya Visharad