Why You Should join?

Law is a course that involves studies related to law. Law as a course covers various laws with categories under it- human rights, democratic rights, political rights, etc. But as a profession, it means lots more and encompasses various fields such as litigation, media, IP, academics, etc.

The legal profession has undergone a strategic and substantial change over the years. Now-a-days the law aspirants also mark their presence in various corporate houses, law agencies, law firms, litigation, administrative services and many more.

Lawyers are the most sought after people by corporations and individuals, leaving a dearth of lawyers when looked up against the demand.

Who Should join?

Law can be taken by any student who wants to get involved into legal activities and is interested in documentations, an solving problems. While opting for becoming a lawyer it is important to note your debating and vocal qualities as well and to have a power to prove your point with full conviction.