Gandhian Studies

Why You Should join?

In a world where violence is dominant, peace is a relieving change. One man who is synonymous with peace is Mahatma Gandhi. The programme of Gandhian Studies is the need of hour.
What distinguishes this field from others is a concern with the modalities of peace and the methods of peacemaking. This course is expected to focus towards interdisciplinary explorations on teachings of Gandhiji, conflict resolution, peace building, humanitarian assistance, and other alternative mechanisms that seek to prevent and control violence. It is a multidisciplinary study, encompassing elements of political science, geography, economics, philosophy, psychology, sociology, international relations, history, anthropology, war studies, journalism, nuclear disarmament, diplomacy, religious studies, defense studies and gender studies, as well as a variety of others.
There are many job opportunities in this field. The career scope for one with Gandhi and Peace Studies is increasing today. Conflict solution has become a demanding field. Many issues related to society, environment, politics and religion can be solved with the expertise gained from Post Graduate Diploma in Gandhi and Peace Studies. One can pursue careers in Mass Media, Research and Teaching. They go on to jobs with NGOs, as diplomats, journalists, and consultants. Since peace is luxury most demanded the Post Graduate Diploma in Gandhi and Peace Studies can help you have a lucrative career.

Who Should join?

  • To enter into the field of study called Gandhian Studies, no specific criteria is required. Candidates from any discipline can apply for the course.
  • The Post Graduate Diploma and MA in Gandhi and Peace Studies course are one year courses which can be pursued by graduates.
  • One can also go for Research in Gandhian & Peace Studies by pursuing Ph.D. in Gandhian & Peace Studies.

Discipline Groups

  • Gandhian Studies

Programs in Gandhian Studies

  • B.Sc.-Bachelor of Science
  • Certificate-Certificate
  • Diploma-Diploma
  • Integrated Ph.D-Integrated Doctor of Philosophy
  • M.Phil.-Master of Philosophy
  • M.Sc.-Master of Science
  • M.A.-Master of Arts
  • PG Diploma-Post Graduate Diploma
  • Ph.D.-Doctor of Philosophy
  • B.A.(Hons)-Bachelor of Arts (Honors)