Vacation Season: Things You Must Do This Summer


We all love summer vacation. It is a time to truly relax and enjoy ourselves. No matter how scorching the heat is, it cannot be denied that the air in summers is that of fun and frolic.

As students, we find that we’re always busy- with studies, assignments, tuitions, classes etc. We start to realise that vacations are the only time we actually get to do all of those things that we put on our bucket list of “must-do”s.


Here, we bring to you a list of things you might want to cross off of your to-do list before the end of vacation season!

learn driving/ an instrument

driving instructor

Have you always longed to learn how to strum the guitar to your favourite tune? Or learn how to drive or ride? You didn’t have the time to join classes then so here’s a friendly reminder: you have ample amount of time to do that now!


Go on, purchase the instrument of your choice- drums, guitar, the keyboard- and enroll yourself in a class for the same. Or better yet, sitting in the comforts of your snug four walls, learn online! Find yourself a driving instructor, or ask a friend to teach you, for now, is the time!

Binge read your favourite author!


Bibliophiles, attention! You finally have all the time you need to follow your favourite author. So what are you waiting for? Go to the library and grab the books or download them on your Kindle!

Volunteer at an ngo


The world is an unfair place. While you and I are privileged enough to have electronic devices and the education to read/pen this article, there are others who don’t have access to even basic amenities.
What could be better than if you could utilise your spare time to help someone in need!

This vacation, devote your time, energy and skills to educate and empower someone who might need your help.
Online forms for various NGOs are available on their sites. Fill them up today and help build a better tomorrow.



The #1 thing to do during vacations for all students is to intern at a firm.

Internships are an integral part of the student life. They enhance your resume and increase your chances of bagging your dream job. Internships show the employers that you are serious about your future and are willing to go that extra mile.

So, make sure you definitely cross this one off of your list before the next academic session commences.

online courses


If you’ve been unable to find yourself an internship, don’t worry! You can still divert your time and energy into acquiring a skill via various offline and online courses.

Doing a certified course also adds to the glam of one’s resume and helps open windows of job opportunities. Various sites like Coursera, edX provide certificate courses online. You must check them out!

Go exploring!


Remember that one place a food joint, a heritage site, etc. you always wanted to go in your city but couldn’t find the right time? Well, now you do!

Channelise the inner traveler in you and go exploring around your city. Don’t forget to carry your camera!

gym/ weight loss


We understand why all those new year resolutions of going to the gym regularly never happened- you got busy, lost track of time.

This vacation season, give those resolutions a headstart! Get yourself a gym membership or simply set yourself for routinely morning jogs.

realise your holiday plans


Remember all those Goa/Shimla plans you made with your friends that got postponed due to time constraints? Remember that family holiday that didn’t happen because something came up? With plenty of time at your disposal now, convince your family and friends to take that holiday!

Summer is truly the time to realise all those unrealised plans!


Make sure you’ve crossed at least a few of these must-dos off of your list before the end of vacations.
This summer, don’t while away your time at home, instead do all things fun AND productive! You’ll feel better about yourself and a rejuvenated you shall return after the holidays.

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