Types of people you meet in IIT


As we all know IITs are the home to the largest species of weirdos from the human race but before you agree with us, let me tell you that they are also innovative and quite talented. So this huge pool of brain power comes with a lot of interesting features.Today, let me introduce you to some of them-
1.The True Geek:
They are the geeky ones who honestly and proudly represent IIT. They are workshop fanatics. You can spot them jumping with enthusiasm and noting down gritty details. They are least interested in mingling with the crowd or pulling funny pranks at the fest.They believe that knowledge is power and they try to inherit it as much as possible.

2.The Gutsy Competitors:
From workshop to classes, you’ll be able to spot them on a regular basis and they are good at everything. You can find them in the library hunching over books. They try to cover every topic in details. They finish the syllabus in 2 months and revise at least 10 times before the exam.They come all prepped up for the real face-off. IIT is serious business for them. The stakes are high and these feisty competitors strive to do what it takes to win it all. They stay away from the glitz, the focus is only on CGPA and builds an awesome CV to covet the dream job.
3.Tech-talk aficionados:
It’s the tech-talk aficionados who make their presence felt with their brimming passion. While they immerse themselves in gathering inspiration, they also make it a point to take the discussion ahead at their canteen tables. They are very serious about the technologies and always try to increase their skillset by enrolling themselves in some skill development programme.And one of their common dreams is to work for Google someday.
4. The Startup Guy:
As we all know that IIT s are are leading the pack in India’s red-hot technology startup space.Therefore it is very normal that in every IIT you will always find a group of students who have always some mind-blowing business ideas. Either they have already started their business or going to.

5. The Recluses
So the only place where you will find them is in their bed, with their laptops plonked on their laps and headphones stuffed into their ears. These antisocial kinds are the ones who shirk away from any company and love solitude. Be prepared for awkward silences, lapses in conversations and yes/no answers to your animated questions.
6.The Overly Social
They can be found everywhere from cafeterias to the audition room of every society. They’ll be keen on proving why Superman is better than Batman or some random political issue. You’ll get sick of their posts with bizarre captions that are not related to the pictures whatsoever. Sometimes, they turn out to be really nice fellows or anything unimaginable—from creepy to downright irritating.

7.The Wandering Souls
In every institution, you will always find souls like this, they are present everywhere except their designated place.They occupy someone else’s room by calling it “sharing”. No matter if you want to share it or not, but they will take it without asking for a permission. Basically, they keep wandering in their muddled world like there’s no tomorrow.
8.The Perpetually Homesick

This is the breed of students who get into a taxi, bus or local train every Friday evening at sharp 5:00 p.m to go to their native place. They have absolutely no idea what happens in the institution during the weekend. They’ll miss out on everything—trips, parties, booze, just to get home for the weekend. They’ll come back on Monday morning right before the classes, ready to begin a new week of homesickness.


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