Travel Journalism: To do or not to do


How would you feel if one day you will introduce yourself as an International Travel journalist?  As someone who is just ready to visit the most exotic places in this world? We can understand the level of excitement that you might be having, but at the same time you must also understand that with everything you do, there are some good and bad sides to it.

Travel Journalism comes under one of the non- clichéd profession, so here are some tips that you can take to become a well-known travel Journalist:

  • Get the difference right: There is supposed to be major difference between a travel writer and a travel journalist. A travel writer writes about various places, culture and its specialty, but a travel journalist visit these places.
  • Be optimistic: You should be sure whether you want to be a travel journalist. If your interest lies in knowing well about places and exploring and also writing about your experiences, then this is definitely your pick.
  • Slog and blog: The best way you can enhance your interest in the profession is by blogging. Create your blog page and write articles about the places you have visit or want to visit along with some pictures. This will boost up you confidence and will also get you connected with other writers.
  • Be a reading maniac: Read as much as you can about the well-known places in the world including their people and culture. This will give you a broad idea about how to go on with your profession. Get in touch with various travel guide publishers and also some travel agency.
  • Choose the right course: It is important to choose the right course for your profession. You can go for a three year course in journalism or consider a specific course online. Here are the list of colleges you can opt for in India:
  • Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad
  • Asian College of Journalism, Chennai
  • Indian Institute of Journalism And New Media, Bangalore
  • Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi
  • Xavier Institute of Communication, Mumbai
  • Times School of Journalism, New Delhi

So, take a step and create a bright future.

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