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Since the winning of assembly elections, our prime minister has focussed primarily on digitization and that includes making almost everything digital. Be it payments, railways or studying, everything should be as much digital as it can. So what’s the reason behind this multi -million dollar project’s aim? Why our government has the penchant towards it? Since we are a study based platform we will stay focussed on studying only and throwing some light on how studying online is much more beneficial than studying through books or by going to coaching centers?



 We all must have faced a scenario in which coaching classes used to be just after schools and we used to sleep on the benches. This reduces our productivity and capability to learn. Moreover, it also makes us lose interest in the subject or on a bigger scale, studying. Since the coaching classes cannot be after dark till late because of the safety of the students, they are left with no other option but wait, this is not the case with us. This introduces the most beneficial effect of studying online. We can make our own schedule and study accordingly. Since now we can study at anytime we want, we can rest and study from a fresh mind. Just imagine how much your productivity will increase reflecting your results.



Since coaching classes which are held at centers have predefined schedules like school and college classes, we cannot study more than we want to.


For example, a student has immense interest in a subject but due to lack of time, he cannot learn more than, say 2 hours per subject. If he could have done it online, it’s his wish to study as much as he can and learn more concepts than any other student. This is very beneficial if considered at an individual level.


 Studying from books and through the board is very conventional. It has been proved by scientists that if we learn something with the help of graphical images, we remember it quickly and for a very long term than studying through books. This is the reason that EDUCOM classes are being installed at a such a huge level in India. The online study makes your concepts clearer.


For example, if a B.Tech first year student is learning about Induction motor, then he will be able to learn it’s working in about 5 minutes through the videos which are available online rather than studying through books which are boring and explains through an image only.



 The heading defines it all. Let me take an example and clear the things for you. Suppose in a class of 40 students learning through classes (coaching or school), there is a simple topic being explained. Now, if that topic is understood by 39 of them but not one then the instructor has to explain it again. This wastes a lot of time of the other students and is a damage towards the overall result they produce. What if they were learning online? The slow learner would be learning slowly without being ashamed of asking again and again and the fast learner can learn at his own pace. This is quite beneficial thinking about the competitions that the students face these days.


Learning online saves a lot of time of the students. If a student is going to the coaching centres for learning the subjects, then if he takes 30 minutes to reach the centre (including his being ready and reaching before time), it is simply 1 hour of wastage per day, if I exclude the time students wastes after the classes gossiping and going to stalls, this could add up to 365 hours in one year. This is a lot of time. If the student would have saved this time through online learning, he could have done his learning more beautifully and deeply.


Believe it or not, online learning is the future. Some complain that sitting in front of laptops is not their cup of tea. You believe me, it is just a few more years to go and no coaching center would be teaching the students physically, but digitally. It is better if every student starts learning from the internet and make a habit of it. Soon he will realize, how much time he has wasted and how much he can now save.  The amount of material that a student can grab in one hour is not even close to grabbing through sitting for the same time. Be digital and be smart.

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