The Story Of Your Student Life

Student- life
3D evolution of a man at different stages of his life - isolate dover white
Person turning off alarm clock
Person turning off alarm clock

6 AM? but it was just a few minutes back he witnessed that dark sky and experienced calm and a slight ignition of running to school tomorrow for once again, for once again since a decade, for once again for every day of that year. Textbooks lying over each other, few as new as the paper could odour its manufacturing essence, few books are crumbled and few are thin ones, thin as its paper fell off upon unnoticeable surfaces and are perceived to hardly sustain the wind. Those textbooks rested in the school bag, their every day’s destination. The Heavy bag on shoulder leaving a sweet strain while removing one. Tight socks leaving the line mark on that tanned skin, fingers covered with those ink spots which were formed using gel pens for six hours in those nine lectures, the little ink spots danced and rolled around the palm’s skin which suddenly is grasped as a contrast with the luck lines and life lines ( as called by the society).


Doorbell being hit for the third time from those greasy smelling hands, while two sweat drops raced down the soft cheeks. His mother’s face turns up to throw a robotic response gazing down at his mushy round face. She made this dialogue for all those decades, some day smiling, some days with no gestures and some days in a jiffy. “aagya school se” which soon changed into “kaisa tha college main pehla din” the soft cheeks transformed into hard beard running out of the pores and his tall height making his mother’s gaze almost to the ceiling which earlier was down to her chin.


He is into a bachelor life and a bachelor life where he found more of friends, staying late at night was interesting, gazing at beautiful girls pleased him, late night outs were explored more. In the middle somewhere at a blurred point displayed the last dates to finish the assignments. Sleep was loved more and mornings were never said a hello.


Months were turned to years and years ended up to a day where a tall, grown-up body frame was wrapped with the relevance of three years. The relevance was a convocation gown and a degree in palms which smelled of grease caused by that school field’s dust. The hands which always bore spots of a gel pen for each day, holds a degree now. A degree which resulted in sleepless nights, broken heart, getting better marks, or getting lesser, having best day in college to a bored one.

That is how it is, you live it, you look back and call it a moment. You discover it, you race back and call it an achievement. Hope you make much of those in your student life!

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