DU: Here is what happened to the initiative of Paperless elections….


Initiatives were taken last year by National Green Tribunal had directing the university to make sure that no paper is wasted during the elections and yet the entire campus was found littered. Parties like ABVP and NSUI have claimed this year that the amount of paper used will be reduced. The idea of paperless election went to drain when politics decided to play its role.

We all have witnessed the ruckus that is created in DU campuses while the ‘Union Election Phase’ goes on. A good election campaign means distribution of pamphlets, posters or advertisements. This ultimately leads to excessive utilization of paper which is definitely not necessary as the amount of paper that is wasted during the election period only portrays money and power, which enables the candidates to sell votes.


While the leaders who are affiliated with National Students’ Union of India (NSUI) and the student wing of Congress have been preoccupied with using various pre- campaigning methods; the All India Students’ Association (AISA) however, like the previous years, says that it won’t involve itself in “these kinds of politics”. The freshmen of these colleges were however inquisitive in casting their votes, but their hopes were strangled down as they saw the mess that was created around their campus. The students clearly wouldn’t vote for anyone who goes about promoting themselves and ruining public property in the name of elections. According to the AISA president Kawalpreet Kaur, the posters are mere means of promoting the candidates and candidates only. These contain the face and name of the candidate in capitals and bolds with not even a single trace of the issues that they are supposedly addressing through the elections. Another important thing that she pointed out was the fact that this is absurd, also because it is a wastage of paper for no reason at all.

maxresdefaultIs it not distressing how the cream of the nation studying in central university do not care about their basic duties towards nation and cause harm to public properties in the name of ambition and change?

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