Creativity,Confidence,Courage-Maximising your MBA


Often, the stress of preparing for some of the most important examinations becomes almost all-consuming, leaving behind little opportunity to actually enjoy the fruit of this hard work. Gaining entrance into one of the premier B-schools in the country is no exception. After deciding to pursue an MBA, the hard work that is required to clear the many qualifying examinations, and the complicated processes for admission, ensure that there is little left of the vibrant spirit that existed prior to this stressful journey.

However, in order to gain the most out of your MBA, it is of the utmost importance that you do not just concentrate on bookish knowledge; anyone will reiterate that this is not what an MBA is about. In order to excel and gain all that is required to excel in the business world, one must embrace the unique yet integral parts of their personality, and use it to maximise their MBA.


  • Creativity plays an important role at every stage involved in pursuing an MBA. Anyone who has participated in the group discussion or interviews of the admissions to top B-schools, or even just attempted the descriptive section of some of the top eligibility examinations will testify to this.
  • The process of getting into a premier B-school is almost as competitive as the business world itself. In order to stand out from the crowd, creativity is a must. Interviewers, evaluators, and observers take positive note of innovative answers at every stage.

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  • The MBA degree involves a great deal of activities and practical experience. The best way to guarantee successful results in these activities is to introduce new creative aspects to the age old situations, offering a new twist that is sure to appeal to more people.
  • Participating in B-school fests is, as any MBA graduate can tell you, an integral part of the course, and taking part actively in such events is a must to maximise your MBA. From gaining inclusions to your CV, to obtaining priceless information and experience, the only way to stand out in fests like these is to embrace your creative side and amaze every other person with the innovations that make you stand out as a top business person and entrepreneur.


  • Without confidence, a business person is nothing. This attitude must be inculcated during the period of study under an MBA as well. No one will listen to a business plan or model from a person who does not believe in it himself, and similarly, the only way to get your point across in a class of equally aspirational students is to be confident and thorough at every step of the way.
  • One of the main positives of an MBA is the incredible exposure gained during the course of the degree. This involves meeting with some of the top industry persons, who can prove to be priceless contacts in the future. The only way to gain a connection with them is to leave a lasting impression, which is only possible through a confident, meaningful approach during any¬†interaction.

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  • Social networking, even aside from the industry experts, is an integral part of maximizing an MBA. It cannot be foreseen whether such contacts will be useful in the future, and at the very least, it provides unique insights on different situations that is important for every business person, in order to make the right decisions that will be accepted by others. The only way to grow the social network is by being confident and receptive with every person you come across.


  • The most common form of wasted potential happens when a brilliant idea does not come through purely because it did not reach the right people. An MBA is full of ups and downs, much like the business world. However, without courage, any rejection, which is a highly common phenomenon, would mean the end of the game, and such an attitude will not cut in the business world.
  • Embracing every opportunity that comes up during the duration of the course is a must when thinking about how to maximize your MBA. Often, this involves some things that are sure to be well outside the comfort zone. It, therefore, takes courage to embrace these new ideas and aspects, yet it is only in such a situation that growth can take place in the way that is truly beneficial from an MBA.

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  • Making the first move is an integral part of succeeding in an MBA and in the real world, and this is only possible when one has the courage to stand by past decisions, and push for what he or she believes is the right path. Often, it is believed that an MBA just teaches the students about the cut-throat atmosphere that the business world is famous for.
  • Yet, those truly successful graduates from some of the top B-schools talk more about how learning the right way to do things, and learning how to stand by your decisions, is much more important than anything a textbook could teach. Courage is the only way to develop this vital skill.

Therefore, in order to gain the very best from your MBA, you need to look beyond the bookish knowledge that may have been the reason you got into the premier B-school you are currently studying in. It lies more in the experiences had, the unique contributions made, the memorable instances of making a point and a name for yourself, and the many priceless moments involving breaking the personal boundaries that were previously hindering your growth potential. Creativity, confidence, and courage can go far, not just in an MBA, but also in the business world, as several instances in the past have proven.

As you look to embrace your potential and maximize your MBA by allowing these important skills to take a front seat, we are here to help you reach your true potential in every other academically reacted sphere as well. The free, constant, always helpful support and guide, MereExams is here to maximize every educational experience you may have, just as these aspects will help you maximize your MBA.

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