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International law is a course of study in the field of law which deals with its affairs, international economic and corporate affairs. International law is an excellent career option for the students who wish to practice their law skills on an international platform. It is a masters course in the law which allows the students to get appointed to international firms and resolve their international disputes.

Students are required to be an expert in the world legal system, overseas experience, cultural and political awareness, language skills and the most important is students should have a strong interest to practice law in an international setting.

In this field, the job opportunities offer to work at an international level. The salary packages are according to international standards. The remuneration for an international lawyer ranges between 3-10lakhs.

International Law | MereExams
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International lawyers are in demand by both government and private sectors. Law firms appoint these lawyers to handle international clients. Corporate businesses expanding at an international level need international lawyers to look after the legal side of the business deals. Students have work opportunities in federal governments, united nations, corporate counsels, world bank, international monetary funds, NGOs etc. They can also work as paralegals, assisting the lawyers in their work or can work as a project officer in an organization with a link to such field.

Students who have completed their Bachelors in law (LLB) can opt to complete a Masters in International Law (LLM) and secure a good promising job.

Job profiles:

  • Corporate lawyer
  • Paralegal/ Legal assistant
  • Consultant or mediator
  • Government official
  • Court officer
  • Project officer
  • Academic researcher


Students should have cleared the 10+2/equivalent exam with minimum 45% marks to qualify for Bachelors in Law (LLB). It is a specialization in the field of law. The students who have completed 3-year or 5-year full-time LLB with minimum 50% marks can apply to study Masters in International Law (LLM).

Entrance tests:

Students have to give the institutional entrance tests to qualify for the course. These tests followed by personal interviews conclude the admission process. Students who have completed international law paper in LLB course get preference for LLM.

Courses offered in this field:

  • Diploma course:
  1. Diploma in corporate law
  • Bachelor course:
  1. Bachelors in law
  • Masters courses:
  1. International trade and business law
  2. International economic law
  3. International and national intellectual property rights law
  4. International human rights law
  5. International and national intellectual property rights law

Top college who offer International law courses:

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