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Keep Calm and be Multilingual

The scope of foreign languages as a career is stupendous and candidates willing to explore have a multitude of job opportunities in various multinational companies and multilateral organizations. Moreover, language skills are an essential attribute in most professions and help in the advancement of careers. In order to attain proficiency in language skills, practice is key.

If you have a deep interest in knowing the way of life, language and culture of other people, learning foreign languages like German, French, and Spanish is an extraordinary career option.

The Scope of learning Foreign Languages:

Learning Foreign Languages | MereExams
The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.

Languages are the essence of communication and with Indian companies emerging as good players, it is the need of the hour to be well equipped to be able to be at par with the multinational and international players. It becomes essential that there is no dearth of professionals who can overcome language barriers and facilitate smooth communication for proper business transactions.

Foreign language experts with a good understanding of cultures are in great demand in the corporate world. Proficiency in foreign languages opens the gate for the career in sectors such as tourism, embassies, diplomatic service, entertainment, public relations and mass communication, international organizations, publishing, interpretation, and translation etc.

International organizations such as the United Nations Organisation(UNO), Food and Agriculture Organisation(FAO) and various Indian National Organisations such as Ministry of External Affairs, Reserve Bank of India (RBI), etc. too require professionals who have specialization in foreign languages.

Job profiles:

  • Diplomatic service professional
  • Foreign language trainer
  • Research Associate
  • Interpreter
  • Public Relations Officer
  • Freelance Writer


For Bachelor courses:

Students can apply for bachelor courses after passing 12th from any stream.

For Master courses:

To apply for PG courses, candidates should have completed bachelor courses from any recognized college or university.

Entrance tests:

Courses offered in this field:

Diploma courses:


Bachelor courses:

Bachelor of Arts

Master courses:

Master of Arts

Top colleges or universities :

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