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Event Management is the application of project management in planning and coordinating of events. It includes the development and management of large scale events like festivals, concerts, conferences, seminars, weddings, formal parties and other events. It is a great career choice for those interested in management and coordinating and will be a bright career option.

A person who practices event management is known as an Event manager. Event management is a multifaceted activity and requires a lot of skills in various fields. Event managers are paid huge salaries, depending upon the events conducted by them. In India, the average salary of an event manager is around Rs. 4 lacs per year. The more the experience and popularity in this field, the better will be the pay scale.

The scope of event management

There is a rise in the preference of event managers for conducting various events and functions. Since occasions and events play an important role, there is a good demand for event managers. The demand may rise as more people prefer event managers to manage their events, today. Event management is also regarded as a profitable career option. Post graduate diplomas are also available for a student who has done diploma in event management, with many good Institutes abroad. They can also go for MBA or a master’s degree in public relations. Students aspiring to become event managers should have at least a diploma.

Job profiles
  1. Event manager
  2. Charity fundraiser
  3. Public relations officer
  4. Marketing executive
  5. Tourism officer
  6. Public relations account Executive

For Bachelor Courses: Students can apply for an arts degree or diploma in event management after scoring at least 45 to 50% in 12th with any stream.

For Master Courses: Students can go for a PG diploma, MBA or other master’s degree after having obtained a diploma or undergraduate degree.

Entrance Tests

Event Management | MereExams


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Courses offered in this field
Diploma courses:
  1. In event management
Bachelor courses:
  1. BA in events management
Master courses:
  1. Post graduate diploma in events management
  2. Postgraduate diploma in media, marketing, and event management
  3. Master in public relations
  4. Master of business administration
Top colleges or universities that offer event management courses are:


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  1. National Institute of Event Management (NIEM)
  2. National Academy of Event Management and Development (NAEMD)
  3. Indian Institute of Learning and Advanced Development
  4. Amity School of communication, New Delhi
  5. Apeejay Institute of Mass communication, Dwaraka
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