Easing out the exam stress


With Boards lurking just around the corner, we can understand the level of exam stress that you might be going through. But, being tensed all the time cannot be the actual solution. Here are few steps that you can follow for studying properly rather than worrying about studying-

Sleep deep: Getting proper sleep is the essential thing you should do during exams. Not giving your mind enough rest leads to exam stress and anxiety which causes disturbances in concentrating. Your brain requires at least seven hours of sleep to be working properly.


Breakup from distractions: In this world of devices it has become really difficult for students to keep themselves away from using gadgets. Be it your phone or PlayStation, you tend to spend a lot of time in that. Try to keep yourself away from them for a while so that your mind can only concentrate on one thing.

Plan: Keep a proper studying routine for yourself. This will help you in becoming more productive and motivated each day. You will also have a better approach towards your studies.
Keep the ‘Chill’ mode on: It is completely okay to relax sometimes, ‘sometimes’ being the keyword here. After all, we are a human beings right? Take some time off and do what you like. Listen to some good music or watch your favorite movie. This will keep your mind away from all the extra burden.

Talking Therapy: If you are having an emotional breakdown, then talk to someone you are close to like your mother or a friend. Letting out that fear in you will make you relieved from all the ruckus that is going on in your mind.


Eat: Your body requires energy to run itself. This is only possible when you will have a good diet. A lot of students get strident because they do not take a proper meal. Only when your mind is working then can you study well. This will also boost up your immunity. Eating right before the exam is also very essential as your mind will not be distracted if you are not hungry during the exam.

Positive Approach: Be optimistic and take a step towards a brighter future. It is okay to feel pressurized with a lot of competition around you but at the end, these are just exams which will give you an understanding of what options you can explore in future. Keep that in mind and prepare well.

All the Best!

all the best

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