Choices between management, medical and engineering.


Some really fashionable and enticing careers offered to us at the moment are from the field of management. However, I would not be precarious to say that they stand anywhere near the revered medical and engineering which Sharma Ji’s two sons are doing, seemingly more to give your parents an excuse to tell at you for being lazy, than doing it for the sake of it.
Yet I can say for sure that if these boys got into these prestigious fields (read: nerdy) they must possess certain prerequisites to become sensible and successful doctors/engineers. In the rush and tumult and downright freak-out that happens when it’s time to decide what to pursue as a higher study option, the youth ends up giving into societal and parental pressure more often than we like to believe or admit. And my advice to any such angel, darling, sweetheart would be to stay strong, and look for things they are passionate about and not let them die within themselves.
For those of them who are badass in these fields which make every neighbor jealous of them, a certain desire and inclination towards the study of mechanics or anatomy and/or other cool stuff I know nothing of due to my stupidity is almost innate. This enables them to enjoy what they do, and I cannot stress enough how freaking important that is I’m ordering for you to be happy and honestly, for the sake of your mental health in the years to come.
Management, on the other hand, came up as an alternate career choice for the cool kids who party and network (I will forever be in awe of you. Love, a shy person.) However, this prospect has earned a great deal of respect for it offers endless opportunity for climbing up on the ladder and providing excellent packages while it does so. It allows for an upbeat, socially active and physically entertaining life in the future and the hype around it is certainly not the mere silver lining of the cloud.
It is ironic how we need to make career choices so early in life (is early ever early?) When we lack experience and are deemed to be lacking knowledge enough to make basic decisions for ourselves such as going to the loo in school. But beautiful human being, do not crack under pressure. Fight for what you want and what you stand for. The list of possibilities is endless because you create it yourself and it’s never too late to make amends on something you went wrong at.

Kirti Suri for MereExams
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