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Marketing Management | MereExams
Mastering Marketing Management

Marketing Management is a broad discipline in the field of business management which is related to business and its marketing policies. The careers in this field are related to the prosperity of a business and that’s why marketing professionals have a huge demand. The students having good communication and analyzing skills and are good at interpreting data certainly have a good scope in this field. Students should be familiar with the uses of the internet and social media platforms to promote a business. Marketing management professionals need to be expert at client handling thus students with these skills can exceed in this field. This field promises hefty remunerations. Marketing management professionals with good skills can earn up to Rs.6Lakh per year.

Marketing Management | MereExams
Marketing is Focusing on the right message for the right people at the right time


Marketing Management professionals have a huge demand in private as well as public sector. They have a good scope in the media and advertising industry, retail industry, brand promotions, market analysis, and research. These professionals become a medium of promotion between the management and the people. Students who want to pursue a career in this field have many job opportunities when they have a proper educational qualification.

Marketing Management | MereExams
Marketers understand how the customer wants to buy and help them do so

Job profiles:

  • Business Management
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Analytical Marketing
  • Marketing Communications Management
  • Retail Marketing
  • Advertising Management
  • Brand Management


  • For Bachelors Courses:

    Students must have cleared the 10+2/equivalent exam with minimum 50% marks can apply for Bachelor courses.

  • For Masters Courses:

    Students graduated in the same field can give the entrance tests and apply for the Master courses.

Entrance Tests:

Students do not need any entrance tests for bachelor courses. Bachelor courses admission is on the merit scores. Students who wish to pursue masters in this field can give the entrance tests and qualify for the course. Entrance tests for this field are as follows,

Courses offered:

  • Diploma Courses:
  1. Diploma in Marketing Management
  • Bachelor Courses:
  1. BBM in Marketing Management
  2. BA in Marketing Management and Retail Business
  • Master Courses:
  1. Master in Marketing Management
  2. MBA in Marketing Management

Top colleges for this course are:

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